We love what we do! We said it before and we will continue saying it loud and clear! What we have learned is that when we don't back down from our dreams, no matter how hard it may seem achieving them, wonderful projects can arise.

What started as a project of P.D.V DREPTARU Ltd., turned into an independent entity, the social enterprise DREPTARU WORKSHOPS Ltd.

Dreptaru Workshops remains the leisure center for those who want and have the courage to try dis-cover and practice their artistic skills. Dance, ballet, graphics, painting – movement, music, rhythm, color! Regardless of which activity you choose, you will see that the benefits are endless: both physical, as well as emotional and social.

But now, Dreptaru Workshops goes beyond that. As a social enterprise, we comply with the provi-sions of the social economy. In this way, we aim to facilitate access to our artistic activities (graphic workshops, painting, ballet dance) for talented children from families with modest financial possibili-ties.

We do this through two activities:
  • Scholarships;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Charity events.

We will be happy if you support us in this endeavor. For information and details you can write to us at office@dreptaru.ro or contact us by phone at +40 770 144 712.

We invite you in the wonderful world of Dreptaru Workshops, the place where you will discover and practice your artistic skills!
Ateliere Dreptaru Ltd. is a social enterprise from Brașov, whose main activity consists of providing leisure services – dance, ballet, graphics, painting, creative workshops - for children, youth, adults and seniors.

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