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At Dreptaru Workshops we have 3 meeting&event rooms in wich your event can be successfully organized. The space is generous and modular and can be adapted for: conferences, seminars, training sessions, meetings and children's parties as well.


The conference room is 155 meters square large and it is suitable for 60 – 80 participants. It has locker rooms, where personal things can be safely stored, and its own restroom:

  • Floor: parquet, heavy traffic;
  • Fitting out: 60 – 80 chairs, 18 tables 60 x 100 mm.

Room B is 62 square meters large and it is suitable for 30 – 40 participants:

  • Floor: parquet, medium traffic;
  • Fitting out: 30 – 40 chairs, 15 tables 60 x 100 mm.

Room A is 36 meters square large and it is suitable for 10 – 15 participants:

  • Floor: marble;
  • Fitting out: 10 – 15 chairs, 10 tables 60 x 100 mm.

Location: Ateliere Dreptaru, 26A Gării Bdv., Brașov 500218


Discover and practice your artistic skills!

We invite you to the first meeting.

Ateliere Dreptaru Ltd. is a social enterprise from Brașov, whose main activity consists of providing leisure services – dance, ballet, graphics, painting, creative workshops - for children, youth, adults and seniors.

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