Mission, vision, values

Our mission is to help increase the quality of life in our community by facilitating access to art related activities: dance, ballet, graphics, painting, floral art and much more.



Our vision is to become the favorite recreation center for those who are willing and have the courage to discover and practice their artistic skills.



Integrity – in all our actions we are honest and fair. We stay true to our word and we keep our impartiality towards colleagues, customers and partners.

Respect – we respect each other and treat others as we would like them to treat us. We encourage the diversity of ideas, opinions and experiences, trusting that together we can influence things for the better.

Professionalism – starting from the desire of having things well done, we offer quality services with maximum of professionalism. To this end, we bring in all our expertise and experience.

Passion – we love what we do, and we are grateful because we have the extraordinary opportunity to accomplish what brings us happiness and enjoyment.

Excellence – we are a professional, yet friendly and open team, for whom excellence is both a life and a business style.


Discover and practice your artistic skills!

We invite you to the first meeting.

Ateliere Dreptaru Ltd. is a social enterprise from Brașov, whose main activity consists of providing leisure services – dance, ballet, graphics, painting, creative workshops - for children, youth, adults and seniors.

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