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Dreptaru Workshops

for children, adults and seniors

P.D.V Dreptaru Ltd. is a commercial company based in Braşov, whose main activity consists of providing leisure services – dancing, graphics and painting – for children, youth, adults and seniors, afterschool and summer school programmes, as well as organising events.

Dreptaru Workshops is a concept of P.D.V Dreptaru Ltd., which  brings under the same umbrella a series of artistic activities such as: dance, ballet, graphics, painting, floral art etc. All these activities are recreational and especially designed for children, adults, and seniors.

At Dreptaru Workshops, participants discover and practice their artistic skills. The most talented, as well as those oriented towards performance in any of these areas will be accordingly advised about existing opportunities and the path to follow.

Besides all this, at Dreptaru Workshops one can access our afterschool and summer school programmes (6 - 12 years).

And because we have a generous, modular space, we also host events: seminars, training sessions, and parties for children.


Discover and practice your artistic skills!

We invite you to the first meeting.

Ateliere Dreptaru Ltd. is a social enterprise from Brașov, whose main activity consists of providing leisure services – dance, ballet, graphics, painting, creative workshops - for children, youth, adults and seniors.

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